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Dont ask artists for free art you scrubs

5 months later and it’s still relevant

I’m just gonna continue to reblog this every few months….

Artists gotta pay their bills too ya know.

Just fucking say no, no need to be a cunt about it.
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This must be watched because this is what the gaming press, the gaming industry and gaming ‘socialites’ have done to the people who care about the fans.  This is what they have done to those with ethics.  This is what they’ve done, time and time again, to those who won’t support their corruption and their lies.

Steve Tom Sawyer was/is a game journalist who finally took a stand against the corruption and sided with gamergate.  Those who he was friends with, those he worked with for years before making his own site, turned on him in a heartbeat.  He honestly feels like his career is done because nobody will dare hire him.

Because he has ethics.  He fully admitted to indulging in the culture that spawned this corruption but also said that he would never compromise his opinion or, for example, write a review for a friend.  Or fuck for a good review.  Or take money.

This video, this man, needs to be seen.  And he needs to be applauded for the fucking shit these people put him through.

This is why GamerGate is important.

I don’t think i’ve ever heard of this guy but I can’t handle people crying so I’ll reblog it cause I feel sad for the guy and wanna hug him and shit.

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what the fuck

if i ever neglect to reblog this assume i’m dead

Sad Panda uh?

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That’s not hentai.

How do you know?

I am an hentai scholar.

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That’s not hentai.

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reblog if you want a body like this 

The fact that there are over a hundred thousand notes makes me sick. You shouldn’t WANT to be skinny. Nobody should want to be skinny. You should like your soft, squishy body.

I want to be slim, I want to be fit. I want to be able to walk into town and back without my feet and ankles hurting, I want to walk up the slope to the job centre without being out of breath, I want to look fabulous in my own eyes.
Don’t even attempt to police other people when you promote unhealthy life choices.
P.S. The woman in the OP clearly has three breasts. That could be what they are talking about

I wish I had three boobs.
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I hope you like them <3

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